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Can't figure out how to add RAM Notebook 7 Spin NP730QAA

I thought I could add RAM to this notebook. It has 8GB and I was trying to upgrade to 16. Either I was wrong about being able to add it or I’m blind. I took off the back cover, removed the battery, even looked under the motherboard and could not find any RAM sticks to replace. The Samsung user manual is absolutely no help.

Anyone know where the RAM is? Thanks so much.

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According to the specifications for the laptop, it has 8GB of onboard LPDDR3 memory.

Usually onboard means that it is hard mounted i.e. non-removable, onto the motherboard and the memory cannot be upgraded etc. unless there are spare memory slots on the motherboard.

Here’s an image taken from a Samsung Spin 7 SSD upgrade video showing where I think the ram is located on the board. I may be wrong about that as I cannot zoom in too well.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

If your motherboard looks similar check what is printed on the barcode sticker (if there is one) shown in the highlighted box and search online using the information as it may reveal what it is. Just a thought.

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Indeed, I think you are right. I also have a ~730QAA. I have spoken with Samsung support, which has informed me that memory is not updatable on the NP730QAA-K02US. They also informed me that the installed SSD is not upgradeable.

I would be curious about upgrading anyway -- soldering and ensuring the computer can recognize the new RAM ICs...

A la:

Or perhaps others have tried something like this.


@Peter Gorvitz

The SSD (component to the left of the ram highlighted in the image above) looks like it is connected to an M.2 slot so you should be able to install a greater capacity sata M.2 SSD.

I assume that it is keyed as an "m" key slot but it may also be a b + m. You would have to check

As for the ram that may be problematical as it may also be limited in BIOS


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Samsung put these Notebook 7 Spin together in many different configurations. They apparently did not keep track of how each serial number was assembled so they always say "No Upgrades". Most are pretty simple. Most will take 16gb of DDR3 1600 204 pin ram. Some have a slot for a second ssd, which is how I went. Most have the same bios, so will recognize upgrades ok. was the only vendor I could get reliable information from.

Shut the computer off. DON'T PUT IT TO SLEEP. Take the four black caps off the bottom to expose the screws. Needs a philips P00 or P01 screwdriver. After removing the screws you need to use a wide but thin flat screwdriver to start prying up the bottom cover at the hinge. Slowly work your way around. It is aluminum, so you won't break it. RAM is under a silver metal plate near the SSD. Usually has 4 screws, but could be 3. Take that cover off, tilt your RAM up, and pull them out. When I booted mine after the changes it was recalcitrant. I held the power button in for over 20 seconds and then it booted up perfectly.

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