Psp shows orange light but not charging.

Hello, it’s my first time on this website and i’m currently in a pickle.

My PSP 3000 couldn’t charge. The charging indicator shows that it’s orange, meaning that’s it’s “charging”. But it doesn’t even charge the battery.

Tried many things like, swapping out the battery, charging thru the mini usb, i haven’t tried buying a aftermarket charging port but i doubt that it’ll will work since the mini usb isn’t even charging it. (Saw a few videos on youtube that when their charging port is &&^&@@, they use the mini usb port, which mine doesn’t charge.)

The only work around is puttin my 3000 battery onto my psp 1000. Which is a pain in the ass to do all the time. ‘Cause, once i’m in like, a boss battle on Monster Hunter and my battery is low. I’m &&^&@@. I have to time manage everytime just so i won’t lose progress. Tried using the psp without a battery and pluggin into the wall but once i accidently touch it too much that it just shuts down.

Any solutions? Problems? Fixes?

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