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Coffee brewmaster released in 2013. The Keurig K40 is a k-cup compatible coffee maker.

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Random water output - Water left in Pod

My Keurig K40 is acting strange.

The water output varies widely!

I can press Large and get an espresso sized shot in the cup.

I can press Small and get an overflowing mug!

Press Medium and maybe get less than small.

And all this is without a Pod installed.

With a pod installed, a lot of liquid will remain in the pod…and same results as above.

I have cleaned all the needles, checked all tubing, valves and filters.

Could the computer logic be faulty?

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Does anyone know if there is a logic board or a relay in these machines to control how long the pump moves water?


Sprayed compressed air through the rubber nozzle that spits water back into the reservoir tank.

There are two separate openings in the rubber nozzle. The Left one seems to flow to the output needle and water comes out when I flush air through.

The Right one seems to flow back into the water reservoir through the intake filter at the bottom of the tank.

Many users reported doing this fixed their problem but this has not worked for me!

Still there is water left in the pod after brewing and the water output levels are not correct and take a long time to come out.

Is the pump bad or could there be something wrong with the logic board?

Or could there still be a clog???


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Have you descaled the machine lately? If you have hard water like I do, you would be surprised at the amount of gunk built up in there. Can you get a consistent water delivery? In other words if you press medium, do you get the same amount all the time? Have you tried the website? They have some good info. Also, a lot of good info on You Tube about the Keurig.

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Yes I have descaled... I have put so much vinegar through the machine it smells like a salad!

Ha, just kidding. But I have been through all of the first level solutions which has worked for machines in the past... This one is stubborn!

I do get consistent water delivery - mostly. Small button yields a small cup, Medium yields a medium. The Large however seems to yield a random amount of water and takes a long time for the cycle to complete.

Another symptom with this machine is the pod is full of water after the cycle...

Do you know if there is a relay, or something that makes the pump send plain air out the last few seconds of a brew cycle? I got to wondering how the water is normally cleared from the pod after brewing.


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