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How to remove cigarette smell and oil stains on Patagonia Triolet?

I picked up a second hand triolet jacket and it has a distinct smell of cigarettes and some oil/dirt smudge marks. How do I go about cleaning, to ensure I don’t ruin the waterproof-ness of the jacket for snow sport use?

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When you wash it, add some soda along with your regular detergent. This will help with the tobacco smell.

Oil stains are trickier and might take several washes to remove (they might not wash completely).

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Not on Patagonia but on other jackets/shells I have used the Orange Cleaner from Dollar Tree. Check for colorfast issues and dilute as on label. Might need to pre-soak. I am assuming that the tap method/washing has already been done and this is the type that is in the fibers. I have also used the DT disinfectant that comes in a can (Chase’s) for the smoke smell in a fleece item I bought at a thrift. I sprayed heavily over the course of a week, left it hang outside on the line in the sun/breeze, even over night during that time.

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