Whirlpool dishwasher wash pump not engaging

I have a Whirlpool ADP4601 dishwasher that, when you start a cycle, momentarily operates the drain pump, fills up with water and then after a few minutes, drains all of the water back out regardless of wash cycle. I have ran the Whirlpool diagnostics test. The test runs fine other than the wash motor does not engage.

The obvious suspect is the wash motor but is there anything else I should check before the headache of removing the wash motor? My next step was to hook a multimeter up to the wash motor to check coil resistance and monitor for voltage when starting a cycle.

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I don't know the dishwasher but is the water being heated up?

Some dishwashers heat the water (if it is not already supplied at the correct temperature) before starting the wash cycle.

Try opening the door to stop it from draining and check that the water temperature is OK.

just a thought

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It’s cold. It’s a cold fill only machine and I believe the heating is done within the wash pump.


Hi @damn_that_karma

Fair enough was just wondering if the water was being heated as it was being filled. Looking at the parts it seems to be a flow through heater (not part of the wash pump) and maybe if not being heated (open circuit element perhaps or no power to it?) then the temp sensor would detect this and stop the machine from moving on in the cycle. No point washing in cold water ;-)


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