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Repair information for Sharp televisions.

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60" Aquos won't turn on, stand by flashes one fast, one slow

The T.V. will not turn on, it shows the Sharp logo, then shuts off. The stand by light flashes one fast then one slow flash.

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I have exact same issue. I paid $5 to a website to get some answers after having researched a bunch of websites and message boards. and they told me this: I'm very sorry, this symptom is typical when there's failure of the back lights inside the tv screen, which is considered "fatal" by most repair shops due to the high cost of labor and high risk of damaging the screen during repair.

It is not just a board issue, it requires taking the back off the tv, removing all the boards, taking the screen out of the frame, then splitting the screen open to replace the back lights.

It is a very labor intensive and risky repair, if you want to see what's involved, there are many example videos on youtube, just search for "replace tv back lights". Parts can be researched at and you can reply back here if you need more details.


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Hi @sithlord ,

What is the model number?

Try the following as it seems to apply to most Sharp Aquos models;

Unplug set, press and hold (on set) volume-down and channel-down and hold them while plugging in set.

Hopefully it will come on with "k" on screen, or it will crash again if the backlight is bad.

If it stays on, use your remote and arrow right then look for "fact init" and any other reset and turn them on. Arrow back up to "fact init" and hit enter.

Let set recycle to green and unplug/re-plug in 5 seconds.

The TV should now be in its’ factory default condition and will have to be set up again.

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LC-60U30U, it was the replacement for the Hisense, I'm unlucky with TVs it seems like.


I have tried that, vol-down/chan-down, it didn't work. I guess I'll look into replacing the backlight. Thank you again.



Perhaps it may help if you get a backlight tester - examples only so that you can test the backlights first without having to nearly completely disassemble the TV or connect power to it, just in case it isn't the backlights but perhaps the power supply for the backlights. Saves the hassle of getting the correct LED strips and then finding out that they're not the problem

Just a thought


Those are simply ohm meters right? I do have a Fluke, I will try that. Thank you.




The tester can actually supply the correct amount of voltage necessary to turn on the LED backlights. (100-200V DC perhaps - not sure but most TVs operate within this range when the backlights are working)

This means that you can disconnect the LED power cable where it connects to the power board (or wherever- perhaps a separate inverter board -I don't know Sharp TVs) and connect the backlight tester directly to the cable.

So no power needs to be connected to the TV as the tester is plugged into the wall outlet to get its' power.

It may be a bit hard to use a voltmeter to test the voltage to the LEDs from the power board? because the mainboard may have shut it down when it produces the error code.

Also using an Ohmmeter mightn't work because all the LEDs (light diodes basically) are in series connection and a single faulty LED can turn off a whole strip or strips so you are none the wiser as to where the problem actually is and you'd have to disassemble the TV to test the LEDs with an Ohmmeter.

If they don't turn on with the tester then you can disassemble and test further. At least you know then that there is a problem there for a start.


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