How to fix screen display all white with small patterns all over

My MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Late 2013 got wet a few years back, it is just now that I have the time to try to fix it. I have tried resetting smc and pram but the display is still the same, the display works fine when I enter safe mode. I did try to hook it up with an external monitor, but same display as the macbook.

Block Image

Sometimes the display works but only the arrow head of the mouse is responding and only just for a few minutes.

Is this fixable or anything I need to replace? I’ve read and seen some videos about baking it, but I don’t even have an oven to start with. Is there a way to fix it before we proceed into replacing the parts?

I have no knowledge or background in fixing any electronics hope someone can guide me with this.

Here’s some additional details that might help. It can still detect the GPU

Block Image

Thank you

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