Problem charging after keyboard repair

Hello! I just replaced the keyboard on my macbook due to one key being permanently ripped off making it hard to type (no liquid damage or anything).

I started it back up after reassembly to test it and it worked fine. Shut it down so I could screw in the bottom case, turned it on and again and it powered up and then shut down, apparently from lack of battery. When I plug a charger in it shows the red low battery symbol indicating it has no charge. The light on the charger is amber. It isn't charging even after 30 mins.

I was able to turn it on by unplugging the charger, holding the power button for 10 seconds, plugging the charger back in while keeping my finger on the power button for another 10 seconds, then letting go. It starts up no problem, but the fan is very loud and I no longer have the battery percentage in my menu bar. I tried adding it back to the menu bar and it won't let me (I check the box and it immediately unchecks the box for me).

My batteries are not puffy, theres no dust or bent pegs on the battery connection. The new keyboard is working well, everything else seems to be normal.

Thank you so much for the help! I really appreciate it!

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I also tried SMC reset, the light on the cable turned green then amber again, nothing changed. The red low battery symbol is still the only thing that comes up when I press power.


The keyboard backlight does not work if that means anything! My replacement keyboard did not come with a new backlight so I used the old one (which was working prior to me replacing the keyboard).


The wifi is now off and I am not able to turn it on


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