Whirlpool Fridge water dispenser/filter issue.

I have a whirlpool 2 door refrigerator with a water dispenser issue.

I have used various brands of water filters #3 over the years and when my latest filter’s water started to taste funny I replaced it with a name brand filter I had laying around.

The new filter would not let water flow. You can hear the pump trying to work and I know water is going into the filter (it gets heavy and you can slosh it) but nothing is coming out of the dispenser so I figured I had a defective filter.

So I ordered some of the same off brand filter than I had in there and I have the same issue with 2 more filters. Water goes into the filter but nothing comes out of the dispenser.

If I run it with no filter, everything is fine.

If I put the “old used” water filter back in, everything works fine.

If I put any new filter in, the fill with water, but the dispenser does not dispense.

Anyone have a clue what is going on?

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