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The Xbox Wireless Controller, manufactured by Microsoft, is commonly used with the Xbox One console, but the controller can also be used on a PC. This includes repair information for model numbers 1537, 1697, 1698 (Elite) and 1708.

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Power button lights up for half a second and turns off + button issues

Bought a used Xbox One S wireless controller

With fresh batteries the power button lights up for half a second and turns off.

Successfully connected the controller to PC via USB cable, used Xbox accessories app in Windows 10 to troubleshoot it and found out that the Y and a few others are permanently pressed down.

I figure opening up and cleaning some of the button connections could solve the stuck buttons.

But the main issue is how do I get the controller itself to turn on without the cable and use it’s wireless capability?

And yes, I’ve tested the batteries on another functional controller, they work fine.

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You should open the controller. Clean the motherboard with isopropyl alcohol and clean the rubbers.

Also, clean the buttons (if they are sticky, they could permanently press on the rubbers).

Clean everything (make sure you clean it good).

And after this, you should try again.

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

I took it apart entirely, cleaned the board, rubbers and everything else with alcohol. There was no dirt, only a couple of small weird stains on the middle board which came right off. Maybe something was spilled on it?

Problem persists so maybe board replacement would help? But I wonder if it's worth the trouble...


Now pressing the power button does nothing, not even a short light.


Hi! Yeah, if the problem persist or got worse, a button board replacement is required I'm affraid :(..


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