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An SSD, or Solid State Drive, is a type of storage device that uses NAND-based flash memory to store data.

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Not able to unscrew the M2 SSD Card

I am unable to un-screw the SSD M2 from my lenovo laptop. I do have the IFIXIT tool with all the precision but none of the screwdriver bits seems to be working. Please help me with this.

Please find attached the pic of the SSD

Block Image

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Looks like you stripped the screw. get a fine tipped bit drill, and drill out the screw, and the SSD should come out.

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Sorry, new to the laptop DIY, do you mean the IFIX Tools will not help? What do you mean by fine tipped bit drill?Thanks for the quick response.


Once the head is damaged its mostly a matter of finding other options as no standard bit is going to work.

You'll want to try a left hand drill bit which will help in easing out the screw.

I've had luck with a slot cutting file creating a slot down the middle of the screw so a straight bit can grasp the walls of the slot. Make sure you tape off the area so the fine metal particles don't short out anything.

The other possibility is use a line-mans plier which has a flat end straight down grasping the sides of the screw. You do need to be careful as you don't want the plier to damage the board or pop off any components on the SSD.


Thanks Dan. This is a brand new laptop just got it 6 months back. I do not want to slot cut or use plier since that might impact the SSD. I was thinking a simple screwdriver would do. If not, then I will reach out to best buy/office depot for help. Thanks again !!!


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I have managed to unscrew it with smooth pliers (without sawtooth on them), even without rubber band.

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