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Apple's fifth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 20, 2019.

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Display without digitizer stays black

I recently bought a series 5 with broken display glass. I was able to separate the broken glass and digitizer from the display succesfully.

At first I thought the display was broken after the separation since it stayed black. But at some point the battery died and suddenly the display showed the following image:

Block Image

After charging for a while, the watch turned on and went into black screen again and stayed black.

I am currently waiting for the replacement digitizer to arrive, but I assume the series 5 is showing a black screen, when no digitizer is connected.

Can anyone confirm this behaviour?


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Did you ever figure this out?

I have a friend who has a series 5 that works fine, but the screen has two scratches.

How hard was it to separate the digitizer from the LCD?


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If this is happening, there is either something stuck in the screen connector, the LCD cables are damaged, or one of the pins on the screen is bent out of place.

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My Apple Watch 5 was working fine. I took it off to take a bath and when I went to put it on my arm the display was black and showed the time only. I shows a red low battery but it was fully charged before. Any suggestions?

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Hi, I have the same problem. Did the new digitizer help?

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