Repair and disassembly guides for microwave ovens.

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How do I restore power to microwave?

My Sharp R-1850A experienced a ground short, running 110 back through the ground. Nothing comes on, the internal in-line fuse tests ok, so it's not that.

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Bdowney, I think the general consensus on here is to leave the microwaves alone. They have a tendency to do nasty things to people. So, I recommend to either get an appliance expert involved or to get a new one (microwave). There are way to many parts in there :-\ and some nasty currents. Sorry.

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+ I agree with Oldturkey. You need to step away from the microwave. They are not user serviceable. They are actually disposable. You can buy one new for $25 - $125 (Upper end ones are also convection ovens). You can buy one used for $5 - $50. You can pay $100 to fix it. Unless yours has the convection oven built in or some sentimental value donate it to Goodwill or dispose of it properly.


I checked on the model and it is actually a pretty nice convection oven, and not the cheap kind that I use:-) Bdowney, I guess it would not hurt to get it professionally checked out.


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