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My laptop automatically shuts - RESOLVED

My samsung laptop shuts down when i want to play a game. I've opened it and cleaned everything and fan is working perfectly. The laptop does not heat. It just goes off

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Hi @jonasj ,

Does it do this when the charger is connected, you didn't say?

What OS is installed in the laptop?


Yes it does and it windows 7 and i even upgraded it to windows 10 and 8, but it can not stay on for 5minutes


Hi @jonasj

Does it only do this only when you "want to play a game" or all the time regardless of what you're doing on the laptop i.e. it shuts down after 5 minutes?

If all the time after 5 minutes of operation regardless try getting into BIOS when starting the laptop (Press F2 when Samsung logo appears on startup) and then wait for a while to see if it shuts down when there as well.

If it doesn't there seems to be a problem between the OS and the hardware if it does it may be a hardware problem.


Initially i installed windows 8 and 10, it shuts down within 5 minutes. So i changed the os to windows 7, it runs normal but it will shut down when i open the game. The BIOS settings is default..



Is it only when you open the "game"?

What game is it?

Have you tried other games at all? The game might be the problem and not the laptop?

What are the system requirements for the game?

Check that the video drivers (Go to Device Manager) are the latest available for the laptop and the OS installed.

Here's a link to some later drivers than what is available on the Samsung support website for your model.

Only do the video drivers and check. Don't do all at once because if there are other problems you won't know which one is the problem and it will take longer to work it out.


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Since you have upgraded the OS and here I assume that you have done all the settings check on windows powers options(access by clicking on the battery icon on your laptop) to stay powered on as always on battery and ac power.

As per for the driver, it is worth to give it a try, but still, go for it. Here I would recommend you to check if the BIOS fan( exhaust fan) on the laptop is working fine.

have you tried to clean the vents for dust? As the overheated BIOS attempts the laptop to shut down to avoid major damages caused by overheating.

As you have already used a different OS version to solve the problem, it seems to be the vent issues. Check for it.

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I applied thermal paste on the cpu and other parts. Its working perfectly and thanks a lot for helping


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