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The Motorola Moto Z Force (XT1650) is an Android smartphone developed by Motorola. It also is known as the Moto Z Force for markets outside the US and has been available since July 2016.

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I can't find anyone who will replace the battery I received from you,

for fear the screen will break when removing it.

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What do you mean you can't find anyone to replace the battery? Are they turning you down because there's a high risk of damaging the screen?


Yes, that's exactly the problem.


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I’m pretty sure one of my old managers had this phone and he did end up breaking the screen because it is such it high risk. Normally when repair shops break something we do hold ourselves accountable but if it’s a high risk of damaging it as in no matter what we do to try to avoid breaking it, it will still happen, we’ll either decline or you’ll have to pay for that additional part. For example when I get customers in for a google pixel battery I charge them for both the screen and the battery because you have to break the screen to get to the battery.

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Thank you, Jesse. What about sending it back to Motorola and having them replace the battery?


@jtkp you might have luck there but odds are they'll just send you a refurbished unit.


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