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The Dyson V8 Animal is a cordless vacuum equipped with powerful suction that can last up 40 minutes on one charge.

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Brand new battery will not charge. Maybe the charger is bad?

Bought new battery thinking old battery was dead. New battery will not charge now. Could it be the charger? How do I check that?

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I also bought a new battery for nothing. Turns out, when you return it to the charging station, it isn’t making a complete connection. Needs a little “push” from the top for a good mating.

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Amazing! I watched videos, cleaned filters... THIS !!


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Where did you get the new battery from? If you purchased it online it’s possible you got a bad battery. Really the only way to test the batteries is to use a volt meter and check the voltage. The battery should have the voltage printed on it. If the voltage is at or above what is printed on the battery then you don’t have a battery issue. It’s okay for a battery to be a little under what the voltage printed on it is. What you don’t want is for it to be really off.

If you have a 12 volt battery and it’s reading at 6 volts or below, that’s not good and it’s possible that there is damage to that battery and it most likely won’t be recoverable no matter how long you leave it on the charger. Speaking of charging, to test the charger, you will need to know what voltage it’s suppose to give. Again, you would need a volt meter to check that the charger is giving off more than what is printed for the output. If the voltage is not higher than the printed output, it will never be able to charge the battery.

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