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Model A1174 with 2 GHz Core Duo or Model A1207 with 2.16 or 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo

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installing RAM more than 2 gb

Lately I am thinking to upgrade my iMac's processor with a core 2 duo processor.

The thing I am asking myself is following:

my iMac supports max 2 gb RAM, what should I change to be able to install 4 gb RAM on it with the new processor?

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Ok I finally found a way to install more than 2GB RAM to my iMac

the solution is the modify the firmware of the logicboard and make him believe that it is iMac 5,1 (late 2006 core 2 duo) instead of iMac 4,1 (early 2006 core duo)

the is a download available here: iMac firmware upgrade

but to do this one before should upgrade the CPU of the iMac with a core 2 duo CPU (the ones from iMac 5,1).

I tested it and works, this way my iMac has a maximum 3,3GB RAM :)

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The Intel CPUs in a iMacs (and MacBook) are soldered to the motherboard. This reduces the height of the board/chip combo and allows them to get really thin computers. There is no way to upgrade these chips.

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changing the motherboard would be a solution? I really like the retro look of my white iMac, and I would like to upgrade it

my machine is the first intel iMac (early 2006) 20"


Kerry not all iMacs have their CPU and/or GPU soldered to the logic board. Please see these about Core Duo and C2D processor upgrades: Core Duo CPU upgrade to Core 2 Duo CPU? - - Is it possible to upgrade its CPU for a Core2Duo ?


If you read your own links, you would see that the reference is to a "Core Duo", not a "Core 2 Duo" iMac. The newer models are not upgradable.

As for the memory capacity, it's controlled by the "northbridge" (an outdated term, but similar chip). The memory controller can not address more than a certain amount of memory, no matter how much is available.

Since the memory controller is not part of the CPU, and not a chip you can buy or change, you must swap the whole board to fix the issue.

But, if you were going to that length, why not go really retro and shoehorn everything into a Cube?


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The website EveryMac is an excellent resource for viewing the characteristics of any stock Mac. It looks like your iMac will support a processor upgrade but i can't find anything that addresses RAM capacity after that upgrade.

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so RAM limit is depending on the motherboard capacities?

is it worth to change the motherboard? is it possible?

I mean I don't know if it will change much (regarding the speed) only changing core duo to core 2 duo


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