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The Sony Vaio VGN-NW240F is part of the VGN-NW series, which was released in 2009 and comes in various colors. The laptop has a 15.5” (1366x768 resolution) display with an built-in webcam and a compact ten-keyless keyboard.

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Does this model have a reset or battery off button?If so where is it?

My battery was initially charging to 100%, after a few months only to about 50%. last week back to 100%, now 2%.

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Kay Tate it has neither a reset nor a battery off button. this could be coming from your battery. These are “smart batteries “ that are actually doing some “communicating” with the logic board (very simplified). I suggest you start with a new battery.

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So suggestions online like: Uninstall 'Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery in Device Manager -->then power off, unplug power, remove battery, hold power button 30 seconds, insert battery, plug in, turn on won't work? Or in Sony Diagnostics--> VAIO Care-->System Care--> Troubleshooting--> Diagnostics? Is it alright to buy batteries from 3rd party options? I saw Dr. Battery’s Advanced Pro Series recommended--promises 800 recharge cycles, 2-yr. warranty, $88 and up. And thank you for such a quick response!


Kay Tate yes it is okay to do so and your steps sound right.


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