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Dishwasher cycle won't start

My Whirlpool dishwasher cycle won't start. When I turn the power button on, the machine lights up. However when I press the start button to start any cycle, nothing happens.

Any ideas what the problem is? Thanks.

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Hi @mpmitch ,

What is the model number of the dishwasher?

Check that the door latch switch is operating properly. Usually when the door switch isn't closed the dishwasher won't start because the control board thinks that the door is open.

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Hi Jayeff,

Thanks for the reply.

It's a Whirlpool ADPF 782 IX.

I have checked the door & it appears to be working fine like it used to.

Any other ideas?



My only thought is if the door switch is OK and since there is power on the machine it is either the Start button or the control board.

I cannot find a service manual for the dishwasher but have found this which whilst not the same may still be close enough to be of some use and the price seems reasonable. It may be better to get this rather than trying to guess what and where the problem is


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