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Repair and disassembly information for the 2020 refresh of the MacBook Air model A2179 with an Intel processor that was released in March 2020.

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Display stain very Sad

Hello IFIXIT Community,

As you’ll see in the photograph, spilled a little kombucha, IMMEDIATELY wiped it all off and cool air fan dried it all out etc.

Block Image

Laptop works great with no problems seemingly. However I’m baffled on how anything could have got into the screen. I had a screen guard on it. Can I go in there and clean out the screen? I already removed the cover and I see how I can replace the whole screen with shell but what about cleaning the schmootz from the screen?


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No idea what you’re talking about by “screen cover” but it’s rather obvious that water seeped its way between the display and the glass (somehow). And because Apple fuses the display to the glass you’ll have to replace the entire assembly.

From what I can tell the actual display itself seems fine, so you could also opt to live with that stain.

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Nagayoshi - You're on the right track!

But the area effected is the defuser sheets which are behind the LCD panel as you can see in this display teardown MacBook Pro Retina Display Teardown. Sadly taking the display apart to even get to the sheets is really not possible in this series, and in most cases cleaning the sheets won't fix the distortion fully so you'll need to find a source of the sheets.

Best to just replace the full display assembly as you recommended!


I don't think it's been possible at all since the Retina MBPs.


Thank you both for answering.

Brand new laptop, I put one of the hard shell covers on both sides and a keyboard cover. How can they make a machine that water seems into easily? I'm maddened by this - 450$ to replace the screen. Apple Care would charge to 550$ for a water damage protocol. I'm pretty sure there's nothing near logic board nor the innerts etc jut the screen. Perhaps I should spend the 550 $ to Apple.

Any of your thoughts would be welcomed.

Thanks for listening.



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@albertcav - Your only other option is replacing it your self! Here’s the guide you’ll need to follow MacBook Air 13" Retina Display 2019 Display Replacement the 2020 is the same process but you need to use the correct display assembly

13” MacBook Air Complete Display Assembly Apple P/N’s:

  • Space Grey - 661-15389
  • Silver - 661-15390
  • Gold - 661-15391

A Grade-A recycled part is around $542 USD and a new part is around $858 USD

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Thanks Dan.

Do you vouch for this? This space Grey, I wonder if it has Apple logo?

Do you have link to parts?


@albertcav - I can't speak about this supplier as I haven't used them. Parts availably is spotty due to COVID. Some have parts others not! Some sites list they have them and in truth they don't.

In Europe I would go here TheBookYark UK & PowerBookMedic both are currently out of stock.


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