Samsung A51 Screen Goes Black Then Starts up while using it?

So I recently got the Package Disabler Pro (Samsung) for my phone and disabled Bixby from the background yet it is still using Data

As seen in this image -

While using my phone today and typing a message to my friend my phone screen went Black then came up with the Samsung Logo like the phone had just turned on this happened while I was using it.

Have done a Factory Reset through phone and through recovery mode

Have wiped cache through recovery mode

Have done a Reset Network Settings and Reset Settings through phone

Gone to Mobile Klinic where they done a force update and reflash of android

Please help me with this issue

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I have a similar problem to this, but the phone cannot go into recovery mode, did you ever find a solution?


Nope I contacted CCTS since my cell company didn't give me the 30 days and they put an early device upgrade thing when I can go in to the store I can get a different phone


Lucky you, I'm still trying to work this out after sinking $200 into getting replacement parts for this phone. Seems like a few people have had this problem with none getting any solutions so my luck isn't looking good. Cheers


Umm you shouldn't have to if its still under warranty.

Is it still under the 1 year manufacturer warranty with Samsung? If so contact them about having it serviced for free.

This one everything has been replaced by a Samsung service center so they did everything they can with this phone yet it does it.


Unfortunately no


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