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Samsung'un başı çeken telefonu, Galaxy S9. Mart 2018'inde piyasaya çıktı.

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Warning Camera Failed even after factory reset and hardware replace

Hi All, tearing my hair out here. I've not had use of rear camera for 6 months and after multiple factory resets I went and carried out a hardware replaced and still having same issue. Anyone else encountered, and ideally overcame, this issue?

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did you ever damage the phone by any chance when this first started happening?


Hey Zach, I all started with when I took it on a run and although waterproof it looked like water somehow got in but yeah spot on...that was when this all started. What you thinking?


to go off of my answer i personally believe the camera connections on the board itself got damaged from water and shorted when you went to charge it


I think you are spot on zach. Many thanks. Would you say any option to fix in your motherboard or possible to mend? Or just new phone?


so the thing if you were to get a new board would be if you dont backup your phone to a cloud of some sort or to a computer you would lose all of your data on it, personally i would just get a new phone if you really want the camera working but i do know that the newer samsung phones are pretty pricey, but what i would def reccomend if you havent already i would backup your phone just incase something else could happen because the biggest issue i have when some people bring in water damaged phones into my shop they never back up their phone and its a shame when i have to tell them i am unable to repair it because its that badly damaged and that they will lose all their data so for your sake id reccomend backing it up if you havent already because i cant preach it enough to people.


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ok so even tho alot of the newer phones are advertised as "water proof" thats not always the case, so what sounds like what happened is when the water got into the phone it damaged the rear camera section on the board and when you charged the phone it shorted that part of the board. i have had this happen with the iphone xr and 11 before so thats most likely what happened

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