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New 1Tb SSD not recognized in MacBook

I purchased a new 1Tb Aura Pro X2 SSD from ifixit. After opening the package, the documentation warns me that MacOS High Sierra 10.13 must be installed before installing this SSD. Apparently there is an EFI update needed for it to recognize the drive. I had no way of checking or verifying that the latest version OS was installed, so just installed it and hoped it worked. It doesn’t. I don’t have a working drive for this MacBook Pro. So no way to install latest version. Booted with cmd-R to recover OS from the internet. Apple Genius told me that this would update the EFI. But the disk utility only sees a 2GB drive. My 1Tb drive is not visible. Is this a faulty drive? Or am I missing something?

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You still have an out! You’ll need a USB drive of some sort. With it plugged in (leaving OWC out).

Then install High Sierra onto the external as if its the internal once the OS is installed the firmware will be also updated. Then download the OS installer from here How to upgrade to macOS High Sierra. Jump down to Step 4 to get to the blue URL link “Get macOS High Sierra” so you have it on your bootable drive to then install it first onto the OWC drive, then if you want to upgrade do it then.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations

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Thanks for the help, Dan. It’s working now. Hooray! Got a flash drive and put Catalina on it, then booted/installed on my MacBook from that. Thanks for taking the time to help me out.


@teejay58 - if you're set don't forget to accept the answer - Thanks!


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