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The Galaxy A20e is a midrange slate Android smartphone released by Samsung in May 2019. Identifiable by model numbers SM-A202F/K.

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Wi-Fi low range after disassembly.

Hi I’ve a problem with my Samsung Galaxy A20e

I’ve managed to change the screen, but after that Wi-Fi gives me poor signal. It goes cool near the Wi-Fi source but if you make 2 or 3 steps away it’s gone.

I have:

-Resetted everything, installed updates.

-Changed 2 times the usb board.

-Changed coaxial cables. (white and blue)

-Changed Antenna Main Cover

-Changed Antenna-Sub Mea

Seems like problem is on the logic mainboard. Maybe I’ve touched or shortcutted something but I don't think so, it looks all cool and clean.

Can somebody help?

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This is a guess, did you possibly miss reattaching one of the component cables, like maybe the antenna wire that runs from the lower board to the upper board, the connector didn't fully snap in place during reassembly? To me it sounds like your describing a weak signal. Is your normal network signal for your carrier fine?

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It is weak signal. Network carrier working fine, only problem is with wifi/bluetooth signal that works only very close to the source. Cables are fully snapped in place and everything else looks fine to me.


did you solve this? I got the SAME thing!


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