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Cellular version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1567.

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iPad screen colours washed out


The colours on my iPad’s screen appear washed out. All the colours work - but everything appears bleached. Sometimes the issue fixes itself and the screen goes back to normal, but after a minute or so of use it goes back to washed out colours.

I’ve attached a couple of photos to show what’s happening - a picture of the screen and the original photo to compare it against.

Not sure what’s causing it but fairly sure it’s a hardware issue as I did a reset all settings and complete DFU restore to hopefully rule out any software issues.

Any ideas for what’s going on?

Block Image

Block Image

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hello iscream,

this is a typical water (humidity) damage of your screen panel. Twice I had similar problem that turned out to be socket issue but most of that - circa 50 was flooded. By ice cream, kinder juice, breakfast cereal or some similar like “I just watched Netflix in the bath”. Not dived in a bath, toilet or see water.

You have got a screen assy for change, Air2 cost circa 90-110$ if you can change it by yourself. In a repair shop the cost increases to 180-200$

  • regards,

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