iPhone 5c Unable to Restore "An unknown error occurred"

I bought an iPhone 5c off of eBay knowing it had this issue and thought it would be an easy fix. But after trying 3 different computers (Windows & Mac), countless lightning cables. and everything in-between, This iPhone just doesn’t want to restore. I keep getting the following error:

Block Image

The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred. (48). 1303.FFFF

Because of the phones age, Apple Support is not helpful. I am good at replacing components and am starting to do basic micro soldering, but I don’t know what would cause this issue.

Any ideas?

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What error does it bring up in 3uTools?


Not sure if the (48) is the code that matters, but this is what 3uTools says "Error 48

Baseband /Chip problem, the chip could be fixed sometimes."

Sounds like a micro soldering fix. But again, I am new to this genre of repairs so not too sure what that means.

Granted, it is an iPhone 5c with a value of barely $50 if iFixit ;)

I could just give up and scrap it for future component repairs. But I also think it would be a good learner device for micro soldering.


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