The current line of iPod Touch comprises six (6) different generations.

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How Can I Test iPod iPhone Circuit Logic Boards


Does anyone know how I can test iphone ipod touch logic / Motherboards to find the faults ?

I spoke to my local radio shack equivalent in the UK and the guy said basically you would have to remove all the parts off the board if you wanted to test with a multimeter or with an oscilloscope, is that true ?

Can anyone advise me on what equipment and the best steps I would need to narrow down or pinpoint the errors.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks in advance.


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Just out of curiosity, have you done this kind of work before? Testing any kind of IC's for example will require some practice.


thats no easy task - i didn't found any "test-frames" for the iDevices - bayk in my nokia days we've had those frames for every nokia - surely you could build something on your own. but it's a lot of work and i guess they are somewhere on the market in asia. but as onldturkey03 mentioned - testing ic's isn't easy. most errors can be found if you have the right cell phone related board - like this one:


I have general experience in electronics, it's been a passion since I was a kid but I am no expert and still learning, a lot of things have changed and I am training myself up as a hobby more so than anything serious as I never had the time or money, and now I do :-) Would love to hear where I should start as far as testing boards goes.

Thanks for your reply.



Thanks for that and thanks for taking the time to help me, really kind of you :-)


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Okay, now first off, you need the right tools (glad to hear you have the money) I'd start off with a good soldering station, a good magnifying lamp, simple reflow station, a surface mount tweezer tester, and a digital multi meter. Oscilloscope would be nice (never had the money to get one) and a good Infrared Thermometer. To just get into it, especially if you have forgotten some stuff, you can check on here, for a quick reminder of things I printed it out and saved a copy in my "black Book" amazing how much we can forget in a couple of days. The problem with any and all of this will be to get the schematics for some of the equipment. Apple and a few others in the electronics industry take their board level components and structure very serious. I am a strong believer I keeping schematic and service manuals handy. Keep and accumulate ;-)...You will run into some trouble and frustration with it. Anyhow, that is all I can think of right now, but I am certain more will come to long for a comment SORRY :-)

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