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The Google Pixelbook Go is a premium Chromebook from Google, featuring a durable magnesium clamshell with minimalist design. Released in 2019. Model number: GA00521-US.

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Re-insert clamshell pin into hinge

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One end of the hinge on the Google Pixelbook Go has slipped out of place. I do not know how to reinsert it. The two pieces of the clamshell do not feel flexible enough to bend and allow the pin to slip back into the hinge.

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Curious what you ended up doing here. Your issue (and mine) is that the hinge itself is broken. This is caused my the screws loosening causing a torsional flex in the hinge when then snaps it.

The screws loosen over time due to hinges being too tight.

Google isn’t supporting the devices and there’s no way to get replacement parts.

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TL;DR Don't buy Pixelbooks.

I returned the broken Pixelbook to the seller and got back 80% of the purchase price. The money I got back was enough to buy two Lenovo Chromebooks w/ 8GB and touch screens.


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It seems that the hinge is snapped from the image. Could have happened when the LCD is accidentally pushed exceeding the limit. Can be fixed by removing the back cover and swap out the damaged hinge.

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