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Repair and disassembly information for Samsung's true-wireless Galaxy Buds+ in-ear headphones. Announced and released in February of 2020.

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Sound Balance issue, one bud is suddenly way too quiet

While using just the left bud, it suddenly got very quiet. I assumed the battery had run down, but it hadn’t. Both buds still work, but the left bud volume is MUCH softer, so as to be unusable.

I’m trying to decide if this is a mechanical issue or software issue.

The problem occurs across multiple devices, after unpairing/repairing, and with and without the Wear app. The software is up to date through the Wear app.

The bud is not visibly clogged, but is there a way to take off the metal sound screen for cleaning? The teardown video doesn’t show this.

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Hey, I had the same issue. And literally, just minutes ago I pulled the bud apart. I just pulled with my fingers but that was risky I’m sure. A small knife or something thin like a pick girth might make more sense.

I don’t usually do my own repairs. But I have this face mixture I use for razer burn on my face. It’s like 95% rubbing alcohol.

I took a cotton ball doused it with the alcohol and lightly rubbed the inside of the buds. I used an air blower I have for my keyboard and made sure I didn’t leave any cotton inside.

The buds sound totally fine now. Saved me from having to send it to samsung and paying for them to just inspect it. Horrible Cx service.

Careful if you try it, but it worked for me. Hope it helps.

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This worked for me, thanks! I loosened the glue holding the metal grille to the bud with 99% isopropyl alcohol, then cut the glue around the edge with an "X-Acto" style knife, and pried the grille off. There was a smaller rubber filter that was glued to the inside of the metal grille, which came off with some tweezers and a little more alcohol. Sandwiched between these two filters was more than a year's worth of earwax, like some sort of cursed oreo. A cotton swab and some more alcohol wiped it clean away. I used the tweezers to remove any excess cotton hairs from the filters, then a quick blow of compressed air dried them off. A lot of the glue holding the whole assembly together came off in the process, but the silicone tips and friction seem to be enough to keep them from falling out once installed.

Once I did this to the quieter bud, it was suddenly louder than the other! So in the end, I cleaned them both this way, and a lot of the sparkle in the sound I remember from when they were new is back again!


I want to confirm that taking off the little metal grid and cleaning it helped, but the amount of wax on the inside seemed to be minimal. Not sure if something I accidentally did in the process of opening or if it was actually the cleaning that helped.

I also managed with just a pair of curved pointed tweezers (from ifixit), which may be safer than using a knife for anyone trying this in the future.


I can also confirm cleaning the metal grill and filter underneath fixed mine from cant hear anything to full sound again. Just heat the metal grill some to loosen glue and pry/pick out with very tiny point tweezer or pick and pick out filter attached to grill. Then just put back together, heat the grill in place one last time to re-adhere it. Easy simple fix.


Lifesaver! Took the grill off with some isopropyl alcohol, exacto knife, and some tweezers. There was a seemingly small amount of wax build up, but after the clean everything is loud and clear.


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i took out the mesh part behind the eartip and there was a small filter behind it and i took that out and gave the mesh a clean and the sound is way louder than brand new

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There is a little hole at the bottom of the bud, just below the touchpad. Blow in it a few times, and the gunk should go away. I hope this helps.

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this somehow worked, made an account just to upvote this.

Didn't have to open it up, I blew on both the small holes


Same story as Busta 👍


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Insert a needle in one of the holes of the mesh and gently pull it out. Clean it and place it back. Its fairly simple, Kudos!

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The way I fixed this problem with my galaxy buds + was by removing the earpiece and cleaning them. make sure to remove the pieces and clean thoroughly.

another common problem can be that you haven't updated the buds, there is an app for both ios and android. look for it on the app store/ google play store. you might need to force update the buds

hope this helps

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