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The Canon EOS Rebel XS, is an entry level DSLR released on the 10th of June 2008.

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error message says E6

What does It mean when I get the message E6 on my camera screen

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According to Canon, Error 06 indicates a fault of the sensor cleaning module.

To work around this:

  • turn camera off
  • remove the battery
  • turn camera on (without battery)
  • wait 5-10 minutes
  • turn camera off
  • insert battery
  • turn camera on

If the camera starts ok, disable the automatic sensor cleaning from the menu.

This a work-around to be able to use the camera. But, in the long term, you need to have the camera serviced. Sadly the cleaning module is integrated into the sensor (low pass filter) and I’m not sure if it can be replaced separately. Considering the camera is quite old already, the repair cost might not be justified.



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Yes. Ur remedy is success for me. Three months back I got same trouble with my 7dm2. After three days, camera became dead . I repaired it from canon service center Dubai. Unfortunately next week it started to show error 06. I returned to canon services again. After 10 days I collected camera. But, next day it started error 06. I knew the’s cmos assembly must be replaced. It is not preferable for me. I cancelled auto sensor cleaning function with menu. Now canera ok and works flawless

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