Inverter board or Display Cable?

My screen starts up with the start up sound, but as just a mass of gray lines. After a while they turn the color of my background, and if I press the sound buttons up or down, they make the volume noises. If i hover my mouse near the top of screen, I can almost see edge of the pointer through the lines. I tried using my stepfathers pc connector chord to hook my computer up to the tv, and had my background come up perfectly on the screen - But not my harddrive, folders, or pointer, though I assume this is because it was for a pc. It was the round ended cable, and only had 4 of the prongs inside, while my mac is made for 7.

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First you need to hook it up to a real monitor, not a TV. If the external monitor is OK, move the screen up and down some and see if the image changes, indicating a worn LVDS cable. It if stays the same you are looking at an LCD failure.

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The tv i'm talking about is like a monitor. He uses it to hook up to his computer all the time, so when he plays videos (or just wants to feel all special) it's on the big screen. The only thing is is his connector is for his dell, and i have a powerbook. It's missing a few of the prongs. I can see my personalized background but I can't see my folders. I'm just worried because I already paid to have my logic board replaced 13 days ago, and when I contacted the guy he said it sounded like my video chip had burned out, and made like it wasn't his problem. I'm hoping that's not it because the video ship i'm pretty sure is on the logic board. I would be grateful for any ideas, but understand that I can't afford to take this back in right now, even to hook up to a monitor, so just a few ideas for me to see which one matches is what i'm hoping for. Thanks for your help, i appreciate your time.



The video chip is integrated into the logic board so if that is the problem the new logic board should have come with at least a thirty day warranty. You might want to take Big Bubba with you when you go see this guy or your attorney.


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