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Error 0xc000035a vista recovery is not working...

So my client has a Gateway Vista laptop MA7 with a 0xc000035a error, failing to boot, saying something about winload.exe.

It says to do a Vista recovery repair, which I thought would be easy, but the repair CD that I downloaded says its not compatible with this version of windows. It's 32bit for sure, but I'm not sure what version of windows vista he has.

Can anyone help?


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Looks like it is/was a 64 bit version, or a botched install thereof. I guess other than formatting and reinstalling the proper version, not much to recover. you could try and see if the D: (or other partition) is still on the HDD. Gateway places their recovery on that partition. On startup,Press F11 after the POST display is complete. More info about it on here. If not, you could try to download Ultimate Boot CD,( it used to be free) and give it a try.

The UBCD website is a PITA due to lots of banners and redirects, you can get it as an ISO via a torrent from here Of course you will still have to burn the ISO to a CD etc....but nothing to lose but your client Good Luck

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Cool thanks!

Just wanted to say that part of the boot error was something like "Trying to run a 64 bit program, but the CPU is not capable of doing so"

I'll try that when I get home.



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