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The 2013 revamp of the desktop Mac series known as the Mac Pro.

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How do you replace the Bluetooth card on the Mac Pro Late 2013?

My bluetooth comes in and out of operation. Apple states it needs to be replaced, but Apple stores are closed. How do I do this myself?

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Also purchased all the recommended tools. 2 of them did not work at all and almost striped the screws. Luckily for the 2 I had an adaptable screwdriver at home that worked. Wasted money on the 2 screwdrivers however and still do not have the bluetooth working.


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Follow this guide: Mac Pro Late 2013 AirPort Card Replacement Also make sure the antenna cables are not damaged as well as check the Antenna array after taking off the metal plate in Step 11 inspect the four Coax cables underneath make sure they are firmly connected it could be just a loose connection.

Mac Pro Late ‘13 Airport/Bluetooth Combo Card, Apple P/N 661-7552

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How do I know which to purchase without opening the computer - BCM94360CS, BCM94360CD, or BCM94360CS2? Appreciate the assistance.


Well there is two ways! Open your system and inspect the boards info block or you can use the part number I supplied to you Apple P/N 661-7552


I replaced the BMC94360CD started the computer back up and the Bluetooth still does not work and the B on the computer is greyed out and has a line through it. I tried resetting the module, and restarted the computer. The bluetooth still did not work and was still greyed out with line through it.


Then the ribbon cable is damaged or the AirPort carrier board (Interposer) is bad.

Interposer Board Flex Cable, Apple P/N 923-0496

Interposer Board - Airport/BT Riser, Apple P/N 923-0493


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