Touch Bar Unable lit, prompted Critical Update Error


My Mac have been encountering Critical Update Error, and safe mode does able to login to MacOS, with the touch bar off.

During loading OS, the touchbar is usually off, somehow occasionally flicker of random pixel, or whole bar displayed purple or green color.

I purchased a new touch bar to connect, still encountered similar issue hence I suspect is capacitor in logic board.

I sent to a repair shop, they replaced a chip (but did not tell me), able to power up for a few days, then same problem persists again. I suspect they did not heat soldered properly hence I am thinking of heat soldering it again.

Sorry about asking for help, does anyone know which chip on the logic board provides power to the touchbar flex cable, which powers the touchbar? I plan to heat it up to see if it can sit properly.

Appreciate for all the help given~


Block Image

Block Image

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