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The HTC HD2 is a smartphone manufactured by HTC and running the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system.

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What type of Digitizer do I need?

A friend has cracked his Digitizer on his HTC HD2 and has asked if I can replace it.

Upon scouring around for a replacement there seems to be several versions / descriptions.

HTC HD2, HTC HD2 T-Mobile, LEO, Sense etc

How can I tell which version I need?

It was sold by Vodafone so I assume its not the T-Mobile version right?

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should be a part no. on back of LCD, but you need to take phone apart to see it!


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it's not the nicest job someone could do - i didn't like it

had to do it last weekend and it was horrible.

all that sticky crap - you have to use a hair dryer to get the pieces apart (everything seems to be extremely fragile) - most of the time the lcd will break if you try to remove the digitizer, they are "glued" together - thats why i recommend the complete lcd/digitizer unit.

since you have to disassemble it anyway - remove the digitizer from "your" phone and you will see if it's connected or soldered to the mainboard ;-)

but be careful - i've seen many ebay offers with the wrong part/description!!

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True, true. I recommend whole screen+digitizer assembly too, most of the time digitizer is not only glued to screen, but soldered on it too.


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Well, if he has unbranded HTC HD2 he needs "HTC HD2 Digitizer" and if he has HTC HD2 with a t-mobile logo on the front, he needs "HTC HD2 T-mobile digitizer" ;-)

Be aware its not only about the logo, the connectors are different and not interchangeable.

Leo is codename for HTC HD2 and Sense is an interface customization developed by HTC, installed onto android systems.

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+yup, that's the way it is....:-)


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