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The Nexus S is a smartphone co-developed by Google and Samsung was the first smartphone to use the Android 2.3 "Gingerbread" operating system.

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Left vertical Area unresponsive

I bought a uses nexus S and found that it had an unresponsive to touch area of the screen. This area is a 1cm large rectangle.

Which parts should i replace to get back a fully working screen?

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Montasser Ben Gadri, usually when the digitizer (touch) is unresponsible at a certain area of your screen, it is the digitizer that needs to be replaced.

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Thank you very much for your answer. Is it easily replacable? Where do i find the cheapest place for nexus s digitizers?


Thank you for accepting my answer. Sorry, nothing is ever really easy, but it is not a bad job. Check on the teardown Nexus S Teardown it does give you a good idea what's involved. You can also check om here As for the cheapest place, it really depends on your geographical location.I tried Google and average price ~$120....Hope this helps.The reason for that is cause the Digitizer and the LCD are a lot easier to change as one unit....

tarafından $80... but it's from china, so you'll have a wait on delivery.


Thank you for your great help.


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