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How do I fix my battery spring corrosion

I have an original Gameboy but the battery springs are corroded.

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If you want to clean the corroded spring, you could dip a cotton swab in isopropyl and rub it on the spring, it could help a bit. But I’d recommend buying new battery terminals, depending on which contact is corroded you’ll have to do a little bit of desoldering, as there are 2 contacts in the upper part of the battery case which are soldered to the gameboy’s circuit. The ones circled in the image below to be more precise. The squared ones are just terminals which can be easily popped out of the case and replaced, you can find them easily on the internet.

Block Image

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It very much depends on how bad the corrosion is. Light corrosion could possibly be fixed with IPA and a toothbrush, for something more serious I'd let it sit submerged in vinegar for a few hours. The last option is to use sandpaper and sand off the zinc coating to expose the copper underneath

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