Console powers up when plugged in then shuts off

Immediately upon plugging in the console it powers on with the green light on and the fan running very loudly and very high. Usually upon plugging in the power cord the console will power on into the standby state with the red light.

After starting up directly into “green" power and running the fan as described, console powers down and the light turns off. Typically that light does not ever turn off while the consome is plugged in.

The power button responds slowly with rapid beeps, per press, buffered and will play sequentially. Let's just say I hit it something like 15 times and it rapid beeped several times before I unplugged the console.

I recently replaced the disc drive. It worked fine upon installation. I didn't play it much because I got distracted by another console's titles. It was powered on and did see use as a Netflix box for at least a month after installing the new drive.

The power port is not deformed or physically damaged upon visual inspection. The power supply came out and went back in same as ever during my time removing the old disc drive and replacing it.


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