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The Swagway is a self-balancing scooter produced by Swagtron, a producer of electric “e”-rideables. Swagtron sells hoverboards, e-bikes, skateboards, and scooters.

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I dont have this model but--

I don’t have this model my hoverboard is the Jetson plasma hoverboard It was riding smoothly until it just turned off on me when I got up to turn it back on and start riding I was greeted with a red flash and loud beeping the red light doesn’t blink so I don’t know whats wrong with it.. It has turned off on me before while I was riding but never like this to where it stopped working I tried charging it for a little bit but still nothing.. I’ve only had it since my birthday (December 30th 2020) so I’m not sure whats wrong with it

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I had a customer that was going to send me this model for the same reason. A couple of days later they sent me an email saying they calibrated it and it solved the problem. Not sure how they are calibrated but a google search should tell you.

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thank you so much :)


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