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The OnePlus 7T is an Android smartphone from OnePlus. It was released in October 2019.

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Dropped my phone and screen failed.

Brief summary of what happened:

Dropped phone from hip-level onto hardwood floor. I noticed a small purple splotch on the phone that obscured part of the screen. This splotch slowly grew until it covered the whole screen in a somewhat see through purple color. The following morning the phone screen was a solid black. Still responds with the "powering on" vibration when I press the power button.

Any idea on what the problem is and how it can be fixed? Thank you.

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The screen is broken, you can get it replaced by oneplus for 140e + labour cost

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How much roughly is their labour cost ? Anyone has experience, specifically in Germany? Danke!

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I've recently damaged my screen and had a look online. Apparently it costs about 200e to fix, including labour cost.

But that's not the point here. I'll buy the screen (it costs between 80 and 140) and fix it myself.


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