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Repair information for non-Apple computer keyboards.

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Why is it not working please oh please im losing hope PLease HELP MEEE

Please help only half of my logtech G910 keyboard lights up butit keeps blinking the led lights for my keyboard turns off and on of and on but slow. The keys were i type with dont work they only work when the keyboard led lights or on but it keeps turninf=g of and on. my keyboard isnt bluetooth btw i tried everything.And i think its becuase i spillled gatorade on it please help me fix it if you knpw how

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i will be super gratefull if you guys help


i also tried drying it and did the water immersion trick and also took out the keys so i can clean it in the keys spaces but it still dosent work


and sorry about my splling its the kkebard that not wrking and sometimes it just bes good and but turns of f


please answear


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A little water won’t necessarily harm your keyboard at all. The first step is to unplug your keyboard from your PC so that power no longer gets to it.

The end goal is to remove all moisture from inside the keyboard. This process can be lengthy and will require patience and caution, but with the right guide, you should be fine.

You may need to look up a step by step disassembly guide online for your keyboard.

Prevent additional liquid from seeping down into the keyboard by flipping it over until the liquid stops dripping from it. Ideally, leave it flipped over for 24 hours to dry.

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