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Repair guides and support for the Galaxy Tab S6, released in August 2019. Model number: SM-T860NZAAXAR

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Tab s6 lite Digitizer change

My Samsung galaxy tab s6 lite Digitizer cracked after hitting the Ground. Fortunately the Display and Touchscreen are fine. How can i replace the Digitizer? Which parts of the repair are dangerous?

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You don’t need to be scared of the repair,just remember to unplug the battery.I will post the link below for the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Digitizer:

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How can i unplug the battery?


You need to disconnect the Battery from the battery connector


@stevejob20084 Do you know how to open the case and get to the battery?


I have personally have not done a repair on that device but if you search up Samsung Tab S6 lite battery replacement you can watch the video and until the part they show you the disconnecting part.


@stevejob20084 okay thank you


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