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Repair manuals and information for the Microsoft Surface book line of laptops.

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Screen won't turn on after replacement

Hello, I had a cracked screen on the Surface Book and I went a bought a replacement for it. Here is the link:

I received it and went and followed the steps of the repair guide here on iFixit. Everything was going as planned until by mistake I damaged the LCD flex cable so I went and ordered 2 from the same seller, just in case something goes wrong again right.

I received them and went and replaced the cable with but to my surprise when I plugged everything in the LCD screen didn’t turn on so I decided to plug in my old cracked LCD screen and it also didn’t turn on. So I thought… oh well this flex cable its no good, so I went and replaced it with the second one but then again the same thing happen …

So now I’m here wondering if I should buy another flex cable from some other seller or if it could be just that the new screen its bad and I need to buy another or if there is something else that I should try before doing that… thing is that its really weird that not even the old LCD screen turns on anymore even with the 2 new cables. Oh and I noticed that the digitizer and the pc were working with the new screen because one time I turned it on and I could hear a sound every time I touched the screen.

So basically I’m completely lost now and I don’t know what to do, if anyone could help me or suggest me something I would really appreciate it a lot.

(Oh and another problem that I have is that since this pc has no HDMI por and I don’t have a hub or anything its hard for me to go and try something on W10… so I don’t know if I would need to buy one if that helps).

Thanks in advance!

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With the screen connected, turn the laptop on and once it has booted into Windows try shining a torch at an angle close to the screen and check if you can detect any images at all. They will be very faint if they are there, so trying this in a darkened room may help.

If there are images on the screen then there is a backlight problem with the screen. Either a faulty screen or more likely the power supply to the backlights is missing, possibly due to a blown backlight power fuse caused by the repair.

Looking at the iFixit Microsoft Surface Book Screen Replacement guide it fails to mention that the battery should be disconnected from the systemboard when replacing the screen.

I think that it is always wise to disconnect all power from electronic devices if you are working on them, unless testing of course. This is so as to minimize any problems caused by touching things that you shouldn’t or tools slipping etc with power being present on the board.

There is always power available at certain points on the motherboard even when the laptop is switched off. The power button is not a power isolating button. Its function is to signal the BIOS/OS what the user’s intentions are. Think of the laptop as being in an extremely low power state when it is off and not that it is disconnected from any power i.e. the battery

I can’t see it in the guide but check near the screen cable connector on the motherboard for a fuse. It will be a smd (surface mounted device) type of fuse and maybe will not be marked as such, i.e. if marked it should have an F designation e.g. Fxxx etc. I don’t know what its’ designation is (if there is one) or where it is exactly situated, but with most laptops the backlight fuse is mounted very close to the screen flex cable connector on the motherboard.

Use an Ohmmeter to check the various suitable looking components to see if they are short circuit. A fuse that tests short circuit is a good fuse. Do this with the battery disconnected from the systemboard

If you measure a component that is open circuit it may be a capacitor but maybe not, it may be the fuse..

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