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A wireless, more traditional, video game controller produced by Nintendo for the Switch system. Model number: HAC-013.

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Pro Controller Seemingly Dead, with no signs of life

Hello everyone, I’ve been at this for a couple of weeks now and unfortunately I’m still left with a dead pro controller, I’m hoping to get this working soon and its been frustrating not knowing what to do. For context, I disassembled the controller to test a broken minus button, and upon reassembly it stopped taking battery power, then stopped taking any power at all. I could have definitely shorted or knocked something off the board, but nomatter what caused it I want to try my hardest to fix it. Hopefully someone here can help me.

Here’s what I know about the pro controller and the status of it:

  • The battery works fine
  • The ribbon cable and front button assembly is fine (This and the battery are not required for the controller to turn on)
  • When plugged into my charger that lights up when connected, the light does not turn on, so the board isn’t taking any power.
  • The rumble motors are disconnected right now, though I don’t see how that would cause it to not power on (I’ll try to reconnect them to test)
  • EDIT: The power cable going from the battery board to the main board seems to be connected fine
  • EDIT 2: there is no documentation online for this thing, so I decided to do some of my own investigation. I saw another reddit post that had a similar issue as mine, where it had no signs of life, and narrowed it down to being a short to ground on the charging chip (32LP052). I have yet to test this myself, but it is another clue

Unfortunately, there is limited documentation on the pro controller so it is hard to find any reference on what to troubleshoot for or what components to test, so hopefully some of you out there know something I can try to get it working again. I would love the help and it would mean so much for me

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Take a look at this tear down. The ribbon cable from the motherboard to the little battery board under the motherboard may need to be reseated.

Just looks like where I would head.

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Thank you so much for the reply. I'll be sure to try that when I get home, but would that cable being disconnected cause the entire board to be unresponsive? Even with USB-C power it doesn't show any signs of life


@thetrimain My experience was with my Samsung tablet. The cable needs to be locked in just right. If just one line is not making good contact (like power to the board) it will not work correct. I checked mine when it would not work the first time (it looked ok) put the tablet back together and it was fine. If you did not remove the main board don't worry about it. If you had the main board out and stressed the ribbon cable to the small board I would check the cable. I was hoping my experience could help you. The ribbon cable save space in tight environments but I hate messing with them.


@jonling that makes sense, thank you so much and I'll get back to you when I try it


@jonling So I used my multimeter to test for continuity between the smaller board and the bigger one and they seem to be connected fine, I'll do further testing to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong but that cable seems to be fine


One thing I have noticed with all controllers, they need to improve the quality across all platforms. I had to replace 2 Switch Pro Controllers and and one PS4 controller.


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Hi, i had this problem just today while I was checking all controllers sitting not being used. My xenoblade which was practically much more new compared to the splatoon and regular black died while not being used.

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