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The Dell Inspiron 13-7373 (2-in-1) was released in 2015. It is a 2-in-1 notebook/laptop hybrid with touchscreen capabilities. Model number: 41449272734

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Just changed battery, not charging

My dell was giving me the error at startup that my battery was failing and the battery would only last 30 minutes unplugged from full charge, so I ordered and changed the battery and the computer powers up while plugged in of course, however even though the error message concerning the battery no longer displays, it has been plugged in for over 12 hours and still indicates 0% charge on battery,

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Is the pack a clone or OEM? Dell laptops can be quite picky (and usually are), but some of them take better then others so it isn’t always an issue. If it’s a copy, keep that in mind throughout the troubleshooting process.

The first thing I do is I uninstall 2* specific drivers from the system:

*Note: You do see two as I took this on a Latitude, which supports E-Port batteries. You will only have one ACPI battery driver on your Inspiron. On some Dell laptops like mine, it’s perfectly normal to see two, especially older business class notebooks like the E7440.

Block Image

Uninstall the ACPI battery driver and click on Action. After that, select "Scan for hardware changes" and it will reinstall the driver. On dual battery notebooks, 2 is not abnormal.

Block Image

Once you do that, it *often* fixes the issue. If not, read on.

If the driver fix doesn’t help, take the laptop apart and then disconnect and reconnect the battery and see if the issue persists - sometimes bad connections happen, especially if the battery has a removable battery connector like many of these “built in” Dell packs. Once you do that, then try again and see. DO NOT GO INTO THE BIOS BATTERY TAB. IT WILL OFTEN SAY “NOT A DELL BATTERY” AND YOU MAY NEED TO DO THIS ALL OVER AGAIN IF IT HAPPENS! I don’t care on my Latitude because it’s one of the older ones with a latched external pack, but yours is much more difficult to clear it on! Use ePSA to check if this resolved the issue (F12, select Diagnostics).

If neither of these fix it, it’s usually a defective battery or a very picky BIOS.

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I took your advise, went into device manager, deleted the drivers, shut down the laptop, connected the non-OEM battery, turned it back on and it bypassed the block and is now charging the battery. Thank you.


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Try first to charge it while the laptop is turned off. Not sleep or hibernate, but off. If it charges then, the charger is the problem. It means it isn't putting out enough power to both run the device and charge the battery. So you would then need to replace the charger.

If, however, it won't charge even then, we are back to the charging circuit being bad (which could mean a motherboard replacement) or the new battery is not good. If it is an aftermarket battery, then that isn't shocking. They can be hit or miss.

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My wife has the exact same laptop with no issues, I have used both chargers and have charged for over 60hrs completely off, occasionally turning on to check, I reinstalled the old battery which works but depletes fast and it still charges, upon comparing the factory battery with the new battery I found that on the new battery the connection was not fully meeting on the left side, the replacement battery from Ifixit has a bad connection, will ha e to contact today to arrange a return


@jvignolo84 Please feel free to contact them if there's any problem with the newly-bought battery.


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I had a similar issue with a slightly newer Dell Latitude, except it would constantly show 5% battery and would refuse to charge regardless if whether the laptop was powered on, sleeping, or completely off. The charging LED would light up for only 2 seconds, and that would be it. Interestingly, even though this wasn't a Dell battery, BIOS did not mention anything about a non-genuine battery being installed. Tricks mentioned here didn't help.

What I attempted was a risky maneuver, but it worked. I swapped the battery back to the old Dell one, powered the laptop into the BIOS, went to the battery information section and plugged in the charger. Then, without powering off the laptop, I swapped the battery back to the new one, and it immediately started charging. I went through a full charging cycle, from 100% to low battery power-off event in Windows, then back up to 100%, and everything seems to be working well!

Of course I should underline it again that this is a risky, dangerous maneuver that carries a real risk of damaging you and/or your hardware if you're not careful. Just keep your fingers and your metal tools far from the PCB and the battery socket, and you should be fine. 👍

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