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The 2013 revamp of the desktop Mac series known as the Mac Pro.

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Fans on high speed


I have a Mac Pro (late 2013) which I need TG Pro (or Macs Fan Control) to control the fan speed. - Without it is constantly high.

I have observed that the sensor for “GPU 2/B Die” is 0/missing in TG Pro and istats menu. I assume that the high fan speed is a precaution by the SMC as it cannot read the temperature.

Do you have any idea on how to fix it? - The GPUs seem otherwise unaffected.



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Did you try running the onboard diagnostics?

Restart your system and press the D key to enter. What is the error?



PFM006 and PPN001.


Forgot to add. I tried resetting the SMC and NV RAM. Didn’t help.


Hi Thomas, do you have a update for this issue? I'm having exactly the same issue.


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I’ve seen this a few times your main logic boards SMC logic needs repairs. Time to visit an Apple Store

for reference: PFM006 & PPN001 error in diagnostics

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Ok - yeah I read that one too, but as I didn't have the kernel proces going off I wasn't sure it was the same root cause of the issue ie. faulty logic board.

Do you know whether it is worth having inspected - so as whether repair of the logicboard is at all possible - or if it'll just end up needing a new logic board (the circular board at the bottom of the trash can?)?


SMC is reporting a problem, in its self it is not the problem. Think of it this way you stub your toe, your brain reports ouch! Your brain is not the issue your toe is or it could be the nerves from your toe to your brain (wiring) which firing off a false signal.

I can't answer your question on what needs to be serviced without seeing the system. Until someone with the needed skills and tools can evaluate your system you won't know.

I wouldn't be so quick to toss your system, I have one which serves me quite well. Sure, I would love something a bit more powerful, some of the work I do on it pushes its limits. For mow I'll wait until Apple produces a M based Mac Pro.


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