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thermal paste on ppc cpu iMac g5


I buy “ new “ iMac a1145 and want to keep is as a fully working legacy pc.

I cannot found anywhere on web, should I change the thermal paste? There is no procedure to change cooling paste on ppc cpu/gpu. It shouldn’t be done each few years as it is suggested on each new intel based computer?

Maybe you can help me also to check if this is required with some software, which check cpu temp and throtteling on Mac OS Leopard (10.5.8)? Do you know such program for ppc?

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Computers are like cars! As they improved over the years the roads got faster, clearly you wouldn’t driver your great grandfathers Ford Model T down the todays highway! It’s a beautiful car, just not practical or safe on todays fast roads.

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Your 20” iMac is like this model T something to look at and only drive on your driveway (closed network).

You have more than the TIM to worry about as the electrolytic capacitors and PRAM battery also likely need to be replaced soon. For now I would wait until your system needs attention. The apps this system uses (if you can find them) won’t push it that hard. Other than writing and spreadsheets and a few limited games of the early 2000 systems like yours. You can’t use it on the web as the browser apps can’t decipher the newer HTML code and as Apple has quite a few large security holes you put your system at risk (as well as anything on it, so your girlfriends cheeky pics for you would be stolen and posted where you wouldn’t want them to be)

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Oh, I think you don’t believe in that Mac. It is still good machine with great look.

I found quite nice browser, updated by some geeks. I can watch youtube up to 360p, check google maps or google anything. Many small issues like outdated skype version, but I can still chat via ( which works slow, but works, video chat is impossible). Only issues which I cannot skip is netflix and spotify due to missing required browser features, but I hope I’ll do it somehow.

From programs I download trial version of Photoshop on it, works great, same as sketchup, which looks same as newest paid version.

For sure this Mac should’t be taken to consideration as a main computer, is slow on web and sometimes I cannot do something, but most of the things works! This is amazing how much I can do on so old, outdated computer. And this design, I like it. So I want to keep it as a legacy computer to use it from time to time.


@melgan7 - Far from it! It's a nice system as long as you don't over do it!

I would stay clear of the internet as its just not safe without a good antivirus program. Most antivirus programs have moved on to newer versions of MacOS.


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