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Repair guides for Tesla Model 3 released in July 2017.

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Steering rack play. Replace whole or part of?

Hi all,

We have some play in our out of warranty model 3. According to Tesla, the whole 2000$+ rack has to be replaced.

But according to a Tesla recognized body shop, the issue is with a small plastic part that can get damaged when a wheel takes a hit. They however only replace the whole rack too, as they only use the original parts tesla provides them with.

To me it sounds insane that a “small plastic clip”, as so according to the body shop, warrants a repair of over 2000$.

Best regards,

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One idea would be to possibly get it sourced from somewhere more than likely it will have a part number that might be used in a few different cars. That my 2 cents

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You Could Just Risk Losing The $2,000 For the tesla.

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