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The fourth-generation 4Runner incorporated serious changes to the chassis and body of the vehicle, but was targeted at approximately the same demographics as the third generation.

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One remote control for two cars!

I bought a used 2007 4runner.

It comes with two remote controls. I reprogram one of the remotes for another car.

Now the remote lock and unlock the two cars.

My question is

How can I rest the remote to use it for one car?

I hope you help me i will be grateful.

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You need to erase it from the ECU, depending o the other car you paired it with, some you can do by re-programming the key you want for that car and just don’t use the key you want to use only on the one car, on some cars that will remove any currently programmed remotes and only recognise the one you’ve just done, on some others you may need a car key technician to come and delete it via a computer, what is the other car you paired it with, is it the same Toyota?

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