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Released September 20, Apple's mainstream 2019 iPhone comes with a 6.1" LCD touchscreen, dual cameras, and six available colors. Successor to the iPhone XR.

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Why isn’t my iPhone 11 charging?

I had recently dropped and it slammed my phone down,few minutes later my iPhone goes blank (completely power off to the point that Apple logo comes up) and my phone had battery in it,when I finally got it to turn back on it was saying my iPhone is dead and there’s no charge. I left it charging for a while and nothing. It currently says ‘0 percent remaing’ even on charge and if u do go on the phone about one minute later it chucks me off and restarts. It also says my phone isn’t charging in the Notification Center. I’ve tried most things,any help?

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It sounds like a Hydra IC issue. That is the chip responsible to tell the phone to charge. You might need to send in your phone to a micro soldering technician with good skills to do it as it is risky. What all have you tried doing to fix the issue?

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